Differences between a Motorcycle Club (MC) and Riding Club(RC)

 RIDING CLUB: Primary purpose is to ride motorcycles. Members get together to enjoy rides, with little or no other commitment or requirement. Riding clubs may or may not have regularly scheduled meetings, and they may or may not require its members to pay dues. Members of a riding club might get together once a month to go for a ride, and that may be the extent of their involvement. A riding club may have a one-piece back patch that may be purchased; however, most RC members will have expectations that must be met before a Club patch can be earned. Don’t take this as a negative sign but understand that most RC members who have been a part of riding club for quite some time respect their patch and uphold a sense of value towards it. Members of riding clubs usually have very few commitments and may come and go as they please.

MOTORCYCLE CLUB: Requires a deep level of personal commitment and self-discipline. You are not just joining a group of people who like to ride motorcycles, you are joining a family. There are mandatory dues and several attendance/participation requirements that must be fulfilled by each member. Members participate in club activities on a frequent (often daily) basis and are expected to make time in their busy schedules for the club. Members of motorcycle clubs wear “three-piece patch” – a top rocker, bottom rocker, and center patch. These patches are considered club property, and they are earned over the course of time through dedication and hard work. Members of motorcycle clubs join because they are seeking not only the camaraderie with other riders, but also the unconditional love and support from a family and an organizational framework they can learn and grow in. Members of motorcycle clubs make a lifelong commitment – they are club members 24-7, they do not just come and go casually. They are members for life.

MC/RC General Knowledge 

RESPECT: A motorcycle club commands respect for one reason. Those who are correctly informed recognize the deep level of personal commitment and self-discipline that a member must demonstrate and sustain in order to wear a patch. They realize that a club's "Colors" are closely guarded, and the membership process is long and difficult. They will therefore conduct themselves as upstanding citizens in every way... "Good neighbors" so to speak. The goal is to be admired and respected by the general public rather than feared. The serious club, and all its members and guests, will always conduct themselves publicly in a highly professional manner. Always be aware of the "Golden Rule" of conduct while traveling in club circles: If you give respect, you'll get respect. If you act with disrespect, then you'll be treated with the same.

CLUB COLORS: The general public does not make the distinction between a MC and an RC, therefore EVERYONE needs to be aware that no matter whether they are in an MC, RC, or an Independent rider, their actions reflect on all in the motorcycle community.  The MC clubs tend to police themselves to avoid such incidents.

Tenacious Dames is a Riding Club (RC)