The Beginning

I started my riding journey with the realization that I was out of
my depth. Other women rode harder and faster than my comfort zone as a beginner and I quickly became intimidated with riding. With the combination of my limited experience, and owning a bike not suited for the type of riding I wanted to endure, I nearly threw in the towel.

Lessons Learned That First Season

  • Women Ride Different

    Women Ride Different

    Men have upper body strength but in women it comes from our legs and butt. Ladies get your feet on the ground!

  • Find What Works for You

    Find What Works for You

    Your bike needs to fit you and be the right type of bike for your style of riding.

  • Have Confidence

    Have Confidence

    I found that I could out ride most men, and now I do it all the can you!!

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Finding My Tribe

We held our very first meeting in 2013 and signed a hand-full of women. At that time, we had no idea how big it would become or just how far it would continue to grow.

We soon added Chapters in Billings, Great Falls, Miles City, Butte, and Helena. By the end of 2015, we had over 110 members across seven Montana cities.