All Access Newsletter: July 2022

All Access Newsletter: July 2022

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Welcome Sidney!

President: Carla Watson: I currently live Fairview MT with my husband Rob of 22 years and our furry kids. My husband and I have one son who is 23 and off adulting!! I own a hair salon in Fairview and when not able to ride I make hair beautiful. I joined the Dames 1 ½ years ago. I had a friend lose her spouse unexpectedly and it made me realize life is short and never guaranteed. I knew I needed to step out of the “riding only with my husband” box I had been in. I needed to find like minded women/people who shared that love of riding.

Vice President: Jasmine Anderson: I was raised on a farm outside of Lambert MT, where we raised some cattle and prayed the land would produce good crops. I’ve gotten married and stayed close to home. My husband Chris and I live in Lambert MT with our 4 kids. One year ago, I joined the Tenacious Dames after an invite to a meet and greet from a Dame. I found the Dames to be very community minded. The Dames are open and welcoming to all. The Tenacious Dames are women from all walks of life. I love how the Dames come together to support each other even there is “family of women” out there rooting for you!

Secretary/Treasurer: Jody Reed: I live in Savage MT with my husband of 38 years, Bruce. I’m a mom of 3 and grandma of 7. I have been riding motorcycles for over 20 years now and currently ride a 2020 Indian Chieftain. I joined the Tenacious Dames in February 2021. My daughter Heather is a Dame and she had been urging me to check it out for a couple of years. This club really is a sisterhood. There is a patch on my vest that says “I am my sister’s keeper”. That patch pretty much sums it up for me.

Road Dame: Jody Thompson: I was raised in Lambert MT. I followed my dad’s footsteps and became an over the road truck driver. For more than 20 years I drove all over the country and got to see many places from the view of a semi. I bought my first bike 3 years ago and never thought I’d see myself 5K miles later loving every minute of it!!! The Dames accepted me for who I am as a person. Over the past year they have been the most welcoming community of women I have ever been introduced to. They are encouraging, welcoming and want to build a family and community of women who love to ride.

Member: Lori Sharp: I am originally from Thompson Falls MT and currently live in Fairview MT with my husband Scott. I am a mom to 3 grown kids and MIMI to 3 precious grandbabies. I’m new to the Dames since February, in this short time I have seen the friendships that have developed because of the Dames. There is a sense of family within a sisterhood. The Dames are also a large group of supportive women who want you to succeed in life and in riding.

Member: Jen Vaira: I have been riding since 2007 and have enjoyed many miles touring our beautiful country with family and friends. Mostly with my best friend and husband Kelly. In June of 2021, I attended a meet and greet and I signed up. Then just a few weeks later, our daughter Angela died while riding with her dad and I. The Dames reached out and gave me support, prayers and confidence to ride again. I’m not sure I would be riding today if it were not for the love offered by my sister Dames, most who didn’t even know me. This sisterhood and the support I received is what drew me in.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginning rider or a seasoned grandma rider, the Tenacious Dames will take you under their wing and support you.

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